At my current job, we emphasize heavily on the importance of relationship building. The kind of culture we have can sometimes feel passive-aggressive. I think it’s because of the diversity we have, and what I do find we have in common, is our wanting to be the best workers we can be, and our openness to feedback and improvement.

I had a job training recently where I learned about several methods that can help us make better decisions in sales, and how we communicate with internal and external clients. I swear to you, I thought this training felt more like a therapy session than an actual class. Yes, you can apply these methods to work, but I think these methods can do so much more in your personal life. I write a lot about self-awareness, and finally, I have come across an example that I will share with you on how you can be a bit more reflective, and most importantly, productive.

Every day is a new chance to make something of yourself, but what guides do we have to help us measure how we do things? How can we possibly learn about what to do better if we can’t even notice it as we have nothing to go off of? I hope this tool will help you make an influence in your life, and your work ethic. So here we go!

The Bicycle Model


This model is my absolute favorite.

The idea is that our path in life is like a bicycle. We have the front wheel that guides us and helps us with direction. This can be better interpreted as our relationship skills. Our relationship skills are what better us, and without relationships, we wouldn’t be able to get a lot done. Although we are brought up to think we can do anything and everything on our own, the reality is that we cannot. If we work on our relationship skills, then we will better communicate and gain trust from those we want it from.

The back wheel is what gives us our power, our drive, our motivation. Our back wheel can be interpreted as our technical skills. These are usually easier to maintain in balance. We go to school or get training at our jobs to work on our technical skills. This is always growing and evolving. Our technical skills is what helps us find jobs, hobbies that we believe we are good at, and helps us with flourishing in our careers.

What’s the difference in them though? How can you tell if you have a bigger back wheel than the front or vice versa? WELL, think about having to call an IT person. Many of them can tell you what is happening to your internet, but can they explain it in layman’s terms without getting frustrated? More than likely, they cannot, because they aren’t trained customer service. They are trained to get the job fixed.

To put it in another example, most young adults have trouble “adulting” because we have a very big back wheel, but not an equal sized front wheel. We learn how to use electronics so quickly, and you know you’re that person at parties helping abuelita’s set up the karaoke machine because she wants to sing Juan Gabriel’s “Noah, Noah.” But with our front wheel being smaller, we won’t be very patient with her and instead of teaching her how to do it, we end up just doing it for her.

It’s important to take in each day like a brand new day. We will sometimes have a bigger front wheel than a back wheel, and other days, both wheels will be small which means, we just aren’t feeling all too great that day.

As long as we are aware of how big our wheels are each day, we can always work on it. I want to encourage you to see where your bike is today, and if one wheel is bigger than the other, try to see why it’s that way and how you can improve on it. The more we work on our bike, the smoother the ride will be.

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