bitmoji1284792113.pngI’ve been told time and time again that with age, we mature. Is it intentional? or do we just do better after learning that we can’t continue hitting the same wall? I’m the kind of person who reflects a lot, but I’m also the kind of person who can be impulsive.

Self-awareness is so important as we age, but why is it that not everyone sees that? Why is it that people can go on their whole life and never realize that the way they treat people says A LOT about themselves?

I don’t believe that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks as we constantly keep putting ourselves in situations that make us learn new tricks. What I have come to realize about growing, is that you can’t grow unless you’re uncomfortable.

This kind of discomfort can come in so many ways. Some of us have social anxietyjust thinking about the idea of being in a space surrounded by a lot of people can be overwhelming. It isn’t until you put yourself out there, and engage with those people that you feel confident and accomplished for overcoming that fear.

Like anything else, identifying the situation is the most important. We are already told how we are supposed to look by society, and now more than ever, as our society tries to break free from gender-roles, we are constantly being put back into them. The least we can do for ourselves is learn from these experiences, and make ourselves happier with knowing what we find uncomfortable, as we already know what makes us comfortable.

It can go two ways—either you learn to overcome your fear or deal with it until you explode.

Both are not ideal situations. We are taught to be think individually, rather than collectively. You might be thinking to yourself, “of course, because I am an individual.” Yes and, we are also a part of a society that is trying to do the same thing: survive and be happy doing it.

To put into perspective, when women were tired of being housewives and uncomfortable being told that they were only good to cook and clean—they went out there and started working. Men today, no longer want to be told that makeup is only for women and that they aren’t allowed to express emotions. This all goes back to a collection of individuals who were uncomfortable with their expectations and chose to be free and happy.

I want to encourage you to practice self-awareness and try noticing when you are uncomfortable. See if you can overcome this fear, and if you can’ttry to see why not. You might surprise yourself and realize that you have gained something that not many people have: compassion. 


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